Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Here's a message from Rep. Phil Roe

I hate big government, except on payday, then I fucking love it.

I hate government spending, unless it's for things I like, like war and government surveillance.

I want to cut the budget, except for the parts that pay my salary and benefits.

We need to stop spending so much, except on things like war, my salary, my benefits, and cake.

Medicare is broke, because I made a fortune off it when I was practicing medicine.

I hate government run health care and will fight to keep all of you from getting the government run health care that I enjoy.

Social Security is socialism, except when I get it.

I hate activist judges, unless they rule in favor of the stuff I like, like voter suppression, corporate control of our elections, and stopping women from having control over their bodies.

I'm for freedom of religion for all Christians.  And I support the freedom of Muslims, Jews, and other Jesus hating religions to convert to Christianity.

I represent all the people in my district who give me money.

A vote for me is a vote for more gridlock.

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jadedj said...

Beautiful! Love it.