Monday, June 11, 2012

Here's the deal...

  • You have the right to wave me through a four way stop and I have the right to jerk you out of your vehicle and beat you senseless for doing it.  You're not being nice or paying it forward by waving someone through, you're slowing the flow of traffic.
  • You can look at my faded 'Obama in '08' bumpersticker and tell me you hope I don't vote for him again and I have the right to tell you to kiss my ass.
  • You have the right to trumpet your faith in your made up Bronze age religion and I have the right to trumpet my non belief in it.  
  • If you're serious about ending government handouts, let's start with the ones we give big business, corporate farms, and the defense industry.
  • When racism in your midwestern state stops, then you can bitch about the racism in the south.
  • I'll watch soap opera type shows about vampires and ad agencies when the hell I don't believe in freezes over.
  • You can call yourself a libertarian all you like but if you don't believe in marriage equality, a woman's right to choose, or birth control, then you're not really a libertarian, you're an asshole.


jadedj said...

Yeah! With you!

Professor Chaos said...

Scratch a Libertarian, find a theocrat!