Saturday, June 16, 2012

Double your movie report pleasure

Someone in Yorkshire in the mid '70's is killing little girls and the police don't seem to be able to do anything to stop it, so a brash young reporter takes it upon himself to investigate.  In his investigations he manages to piss off the cops, a local business man, and the higher ups at his newspaper.  So they all band together to stop him.  And in so doing they stifle the investigation in to the murders.  Better to stop the press than to stop a killer.

This film is very gritty and downbeat.  It's a lot like a lot of the films of the 1970's in that regard.  Don't get me wrong, it's a well acted, well directed, well paced film but it's a huge downer.  I recommend it highly.  All the actors are superb and the soundtrack is spot on.  Be aware however, some of the accents are near impenetrable to the untrained ear, but I could piece together what they were saying by how other actors responded.

And Andrew Garfield is the luckiest bastard in movie history.  He got to do a sex scene with Michelle Dockery and with the lovely Rebecca Hall.

A geisha's father was murdered by a samurai so she goes hell bent for leather for some vengeance. She fights a shit ton of people who underestimate her.  And at one point she takes on Godzilla while Minka Kelly, Caroline Catz, and I get it on in a dag nasty threesome in the Edo period.  Okay, maybe that last part wasn't in the movie, I may have fell asleep and dreamed that part, but the point is there's a solid metric ton of martial arts and other such related stuff in this film.

I found it to be formulaic, predictable, and on the dull side.  I guess that's why I fell asleep when it was on.

If you dig movies about chicks kicking ass, then you might like this one, otherwise, skip it.  You won't be missing much.

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