Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another Monkey Movie Review

In this creepy little film the kid from Billy Elliot has mommy issues.  He's convinced that his hot step mother, who he bangs in his tree house, has killed his real mother.  He gets tossed out after having dipped his young wick in his hot step mom and he heads to Edinburgh where he spies a woman who looks uncannily like his deceased mom.  So he does what any young horny kid with mommy issues does, he stalks the super sexy woman who looks like his deceased mom and he spies on her.  He ends up following her to work, gets her to hire him, ends up bedding her, and then when she finds out about his mommy fetish, she dresses up in one of her old dresses and she bangs him again.  After all that sex with his mommy look alike he goes back home to settle things with his hot step mom, which he does by nearly drowning her.  After his father finally fills him in on all the detail about his mother's suicide the kid finally decides to lay off and go back to Edinburgh, hopefully to make the beast with two backs with his hot as hell mommy look alike.  But it seems she's moved on when he gets back to town because hey, one night alone is enough to drive a gal to a different penis.

Yeah, it's just as creepy as it sounds, except it's even more creepy because the kid is a voyeur who also enjoys a bit of crossdressing.  And his hot step mom, played by the insanely hot Claire Forlani, clearly has no problem with banging him and would do it again if it helped her get what she wants.  The real star of this movie for me though is Sophia Myles as the woman who looks like his dead mother.  She is white hot sexy and it's hard to notice anything other than her when she's onscreen, well it was for me anyway.

As disturbing and creepy as this film is, I still could not help but like it a bit.  What can I say, I'm a sucker for Sophia Myles.  Watch it if you like, but be warned, it's chock full of Oedipal issues.

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Bel Mondo said...

Just for info - it's called Hallam Foe on this side of the idea why they changed it...and it is good !