Monday, April 16, 2012

Boo hoo

George 'Murdering War Criminal' Bush, Jr. wants people to stop calling his tax cuts 'the Bush tax cuts.'  But if we don't call then that, what else can we call them?  Here's a few helpful suggestions:

  • the Bush bankrupt the USA cuts
  • massive giveaway of money that millions of people could have benefited from
  • a Republican 'thank you' to their ultra rich supporters
  • screw the poor and the working poor
  • a Bush 'Fuck you!' to working people
  • the Bush/Cheney cuts
  • the 'Hey, look, we started two wars and now we're cutting taxes!' cuts
  • the unkindest cuts of all
  • Bilbo Baggins
  • the 'this is better than having to suck the cock of every super rich person who supported my campaign' cuts
  • the 'No, seriously, I'm sure this won't balloon the deficit (Holy shit, I almost said that with a straight face) cuts'
  • Hey, look, a terrorist!
  • Oh my gawd, they's a terrorist in our country! 
  • Don't forget Bill Clinton got a blow job from someone who weren't his wife
  • Sheila
  • the 'God damn it, what do you expect? I've spent my whole life listening to Milton Friedman's bullshit theories, so of course this is going to work even though his ideas have brought disaster every where they've been implemented' cuts.
Yeah, go with one of my ideas.  Feel free.


Professor Chaos said...

It's pretty pathetic that he seems to think that these ruinous tax cuts are only unpopular because of their association with him. That's right, George, you are even less popular than the tax cuts which are destroying our economy. People just hate you that much, and for good reason!

Mnmom said...

Works for me