Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Voters in the deep south discuss why they love Rick Santorum

"I like his stance on the issues and the fact that his last name is associated with butt sex."

"I like how religious he is and I know for a fact that he's really a Protestant in disguise. When he takes the oath of office he'll be born again and he'll leave all the Papist nonsense behind, because if he doesn't then he'll be the one who drives Obama and that birth control pill chugging whore to hell."

"My arms have been ripped off me. Sweet cheeses, I want to die, the pain is immense. Please kill me."

"I'm pretty sure Santorum smells like someone who I'd like to hang out with and since he wasn't endorsed by Jeff Foxworthy he's my guy. Oh and also I like him because he's not an uppity black man who might be a secret Kenyan Muslim."

"What? Did you think I was joking? I'm not. The pain is unbearable. Kill me now. Go get a death panel. Put antlers on me and tell the Palins I'm in season. Do whatever it takes to make me die. I beg you..."


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You could learn a lot from a dummy... just not these dummies!