Monday, March 12, 2012

The trifecta of political stupid

  • Bill Maher ran a video that showed people from Mississippi spouting how much they hate Obama. Since I can't watch that smarmy piece of pig shit I didn't notice if anyone on his show pointed out that you can find conservatives in every state in the union who hate Obama, but I'm betting no one did. Maher makes my flesh crawl.
  • James Carville's wife, you remember her, she's the one who was Dick Cheney's chief of staff, says that Mitt Romney has the heart and soul of a working class American. Funny, most working class Americans weren't born in to wealth and privilege like Mitt was. And no working class American gets as much federal assistance as Mitt does. If it hadn't been for favorable tax laws and the fact that equity management companies like Bain Capital are not regulated or taxed, then Mitt wouldn't have near the wealth he has now. The hard truth is Mitt had massive amounts of help from the government he claims to hate. He's a hypocrite and that awful wife of Carville's is a liar.
  • John McCain said that Sarah Palin was the best choice out there to be his running mate in 2008. Two things about that statement. One, if she's the best choice, then boy oh boy, the Republican party sucks ass. And two, we dodged a huge bullet by not electing someone so stupid that they'd say that Sarah Palin was the best choice to be his running mate.

Fucking idiots all.

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gmb said...

Not having a tv, and spending less time at political blogs, has its advantages. I did not know that any of this shit occurred. Giving up the tv was the best fucking thing I ever did. And if there is something you really want to see, you can find it online or at Netflix. Starve the beast.