Wednesday, February 22, 2012

They just can't stop themselves

Franklin Graham says that he accepts it when Newt Gingrich tells him he's a Christian. However, when Obama says it, not so much. What's the difference there? Obama is black and not a full fledged Republican. It's not surprising to see that the son of Billy Graham has such a double standard. After all his father said it was a good thing we bombed Vietnam so that we could bring Jesus to them after we got done bombing the shit out of them.

Santorum says that Obama has a phoney theology. Then he tries to say he was talking about his environmental policies. Then his press secretary said we need to watch out for Obama's radical Islamic policies. Oops, she said she meant to say environmental policies. Bullshit. Both of them said what they meant to say. It's what they believe, so why try to hide or disguise it? Because they're stone cold hypocrites that's why.

When they get caught saying what they really mean they back track and claim they were misquoted. Bullshit. Conservatives are all about making others take responsibility for their actions but they demand you don't hold them accountable for theirs.

Tell me again why idiots like these need to be in power? And why I should listen to them.


Margaret Benbow said...

If Jesus was alive and on earth today, somebody like Santorum would make himn throw up twice.

dguzman said...

I love that Santorum basically said that if you respect the environment enough NOT to fuck it all up, then you're not a Christian.

Well, so be it, then, asshole. Take your christianity and shove it. I'll keep my green planet.