Thursday, February 16, 2012

Quick hits

  • The TV Show The Big Bang Theory isn't celebrating nerd culture, it's making fun of it. It's mocking nerd culture. Next time you watch an episode of it have a look at who the butt of most all the jokes are, it's the nerds. Duh. And honestly, it's not that well written, acted, or funny. It's got one thing going for it, Kaley Cuco's chest.
  • I'm no fan of Cynthia Nixon. She's one of those women who other women think we men ought to love. No. Sorry. I find her bland, boring, and unwatchable. But that's not her worst crimes in my book. Her worst crime is saying that for her, being gay is a choice. She's since tried to qualify that statement by claiming that since she's bisexual she's choosing to be with women. But the damage was done with her first statement no matter who hard she backpedals. She's given hope and comfort to the 'pray away the gay' crowd and to the hatemongers at the American Family Association and NOM. Yuck. Just take all the cash you made on that gawd awful Sex and the City franchise and go away.
  • Rest in peace John Severin. You were a huge part of my childhood and I thank you for all your hard work and your art.
  • People with Netflix instant streaming, stop bitching please. You claim there nothing to watch on instant streaming? You know what, if you only like two TV shows and one genre of films, then you're right. So shut up and cancel it and spare the rest of us your whining. I've had Netflix since October of last year and I've watched a shit ton of TV shows, feature films, and documentaries and you know what? I've still got almost 500 shows and movies in my instant queue. Broaden your tastes a bit, watch something besides movies about NASCAR and wrasslin' and you might find that there's a bunch of great stuff on Netflix. And yes, I still hate Netflix's online advertising. Fuck their pop up ads.
  • I don't want to say I hope Liz Trotta gets raped by someone in the military, but if it did happen, then it would be karmic justice.
  • I love how people who never served in the military know what's best for those who do. It kind of reminds me of the men who are sworn to be celibate yet who give sex and marriage advice and who want to tell women they can't use birth control pills.
  • Republicans really hate Mitt Romney. It's easy to see why too, he's a sleazy greasy opportunist who never saw a bandwagon he didn't want to jump on. Don't like his position on an issue? Give him a few minutes, he'll change it.
  • Thank heavens we're still keeping Afghanistan free from peace. It's totally worth bankrupting our country so those bastards live in a state of permanent war.
  • Are we at war with Iran yet? If we're not the White House, Congress, the CIA, Israel, and the defense industry will get us there momentarily. Have no fears, we've got to have someplace to ship all those vets with PTSD to and we've got to use up those cruise missiles and cluster bombs we've been hoarding.
  • And finally, have we won the war on religion yet? If not then where do I go to sign up to fight in it? I'm sick of militant Christians, fundamentalist Muslims, and right wing Zionists telling me that I have to be sensitive to their nutty religion. Fuck them. I do not care what they want. I want to live in a world free from their religions, so fuck them. Deal with it. Same goes for Scientologists, Mormons, Hindus, Shintos, and what ever other religions are out there. I don't believe in any of your made up fairy tales, so kindly fuck off.


jadedj said...

Add my fuck off to that last one. In fact, add my fuck off to all the fuck off ones.

Professor Chaos said...

I don't get the appeal of the Big Bang Theory either. Two-dimensional cartoon nerds making bad jokes. I watched the first episode because I liked the guty from Rosanne, but it was just gawd-awful.

Who'd complaining about Netflix streaming? I watched the first season of Louie, the first 2 seasons of Breaking Bad and most of Rescue Me on Netflix streaming. There's a lot of great stuff on there.

steverse said...

Melvin of the Apes! by Egad (long grain) Rice Burrows. Story and art by "Melvin" Severin. "Hey! Melvin! What's that? Uh-oh! Is OOKABOLLA-KONGA on warpath again... attacking hunter and safari! WE GOTTA HELPUM!" Fuck the rest.

Devilham said...

Big Bang sucks, but my son insists we watch at least the beginning because it mentions the solar system (his current obsession), then spends the next hour running around the house and mangling the words to the theme song....always ending in a "BANG!!!" a hoot

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Big Bang Theory is highly unfunny, made even worse by that gawdawful laughtrack.