Wednesday, February 1, 2012

For the cure my ass

Fuck you Susan G. Komen Foundation. Fuck you and your right wing appeasement agenda. I'll never give another dime to you twats. You've stopped providing grants to Planned Parenthood which helps more women than your shitty little rink dinky foundation ever will.

If you ever gave any money to these clowns at the Komen foundation I hope you give it to Planned Parenthood directly. The kunts at Komen want right wing money more than they want to save women's lives and cure cancer. Because after all, if they find a cure for breast cancer tomorrow, the kunts at Komen are out of a job, but the work that Planned Parenthood does will never see and end. Low income and working poor women will always have to rely on the health related services that PP provides. Give to the organization that really helps women, Planned Parenthood, and not the organization that is being run by right wing ideologues.


Sleestak said...

Yeah, at the registers there always some push for donations, SGK being one of the main ones, because it is trendy I guess. I usually urge people to donate directly and not through a 2nd or 3rd party since it is easier to verify where the money goes (and also so it isn't sitting in an account earning interest or at least, is money held somewhere for a while the company isn't paying interest on).

I stopped considering SGK as worthwhile back when I read they spent more money defending the SGK name than donating to a cause.

Kim Hambric said...

Oh, crap. This is the first I've heard. I'm pissed before 8:00 am. I'm going to read up on this.

Blueberry said...

I've already been boycotting them for a long time (for other stuff including the petty lawsuits over their brand), but now I plan on donating to PP.

Nan said...

I never bought into all that pink ribbon crap. I always had the feeling the Komen Foundation was more interested in perpetuating itself than in fighting cancer or helping survivors -- and then when you look at their financials, it turns out a really small percentage of the money they raise actually goes towards any sort of cancer prevention, help for cancer patients, or researching cures.

Lsamsa said...

I've always been irritated by the whole pink ribbon thing...just more marketing to make more money.
A good deal of that money going to pay outrageous salaries to the executives.
If Nancy Brinker were really interested in finding a cure, she wouldn't take a half-million for herself each year...she would truly be seeking a cure, making her foundation one day obsolete...and we all know that's not going to happen.

dguzman said...

I've always thought Komen was kind of a racket, sort of a women's power thing without having to be feminist (because god knows all the feminists are dykes!). Maybe it's all that pink ribbon crap or something, but I've never thought they were all that good. Now I realize that my misgivings were well-founded. If they think those anti-choicers are going to give them money, they're crazy. Those freaks are too busy giving their money to their own stupid groups.