Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hey, hey, Paula

The backlash against the critics of Paula Deen has begun.

Sure, she's diabetic and she withheld that fact from her public until she had a deal with a big pharmaceutical company. Now she says she going to cook healthy food by golly! I wonder if she hadn't got a deal with an insulin maker, would she still cook the same artery clogging saturated fat filled sugar cooked dreck she built her culinary career on?

Of course some of the defenders of Ms. Deen claim that people who are criticizing her are doing so because she's a woman and because she's fat. So that of course means that the men who criticize her for adding to the obesity and diabetes epidemics are doing so because they hate women in general and fat women in particular. Well, sorry haters, that's not true. I could care less if Paula was skinny or a dude, she made shitty fat filled food that will kill you if you eat it all the time. I'd say the same thing about a man if he had built his career on this kind of shit.

The last group of her defenders is the one I love to hate the most, those who claim that Deen with her cuisine of early death did nothing wrong and that no one forced people to make and eat the crap she made. Follow along here if you can, Deen went on TV and cooked fatty bad for you food for years. She sold cookbooks with her recipes, there was a magazine devoted to her and her cooking. She endorsed everything from factory farmed ham to gravy mixes, to whatever else she could make a buck off of. She plastered her name on cookware, on anything she could, and she made it known that she was the comfort food chef of renown. So given all that, did she really think people wouldn't follow her fat laden example and buy and eat the shit she relentlessly shilled? She now claims she's an entertainer, not the food police and it's not her fault if you watched her show and followed her advice. She's blameless if you bought her magazine and cookbooks and you had a heart attack from eating a bacon grease flavored cake with butter cream icing. I may be wrong, but in any of her shows, or cookbooks, or her restaurants, are there signs or disclaimers telling people not to eat her food or to eat it sparingly? No.

The fact is Deen encouraged people to eat shitty fat filled food and she charmed millions of idiots and they followed her advice. They bought into her spiel and now she wants you to believe it's not her fault that people get fat and have grave health problems from eating a diet that she has pushed on them since day one. The tobacco companies said it wasn't their fault that people got lung cancer from smoking cigarettes, they said no one forced people to smoke. Handgun makers tell you it's not their fault people get shot and killed by people who use handguns, no one forced them to use a handgun. If I go on TV for years, write books, and have a magazine that tells you to beat up and murder Estonians and Latvians, then I shouldn't be surprised when Latvians and Estonians end up beaten and murdered. But Paula Deen's logic says that I'm blameless because I didn't do any of the beatings or murders. Bullshit.

The fact is Deen wants it both ways. She wants to be famous for her gawd awful food that will induce heart disease, strokes, and send you on the path to diabetes, and she wants no blame for those who get a heart attack, a stroke, or get diabetes after eating her food for years and years. If she didn't have a guilty conscience then she wouldn't be doing a one eighty and taking up healthy cooking. The fact is she's a whore for corporate cash. She wants the fame, the adulation, and as much cash as her grubby little hands and her big bank accounts can hold.

Defend her if you like but don't insult me by doing it on my Facebook wall or in the comments section here. Rebut me all you like, just do it on your blog or your Facebook wall.


Flannery Alden Jenny Shaw said...

I agree.

I do have one of her cookbooks, but it's a blank cook book journal. (What? My Mom bought it for me) I take a lot of pleasure writing healthy recipes in it.

kirby said...

She's going to shill for a diabetes medicine now? Paul Prudhomme was fat as fuck and had to tote his ass around on a cart for a while, but I don't remember him shilling for Rascal Scooters. Had he done so while continuing to show people how to cook fat laden dishes, I'm sure people would have called him out for hypocrisy as well.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Evidently she bought into her own sales pitch, since she clearly ate her own cooking. Somehow that makes her less evil than if she pushed her cooking on others and yet ate only lettuce.

gmb said...

And the assholes at Food Network who impose these idiots on everyone deserve a beating too. I mean really...Emeril? I don't have a tv but when I did just seeing his image made me leap for the remote. As for Paula, the worst part is keeping quiet about her diagnosis until she got the diabetes drug endorsement. I mean, she encouraged people to eat fatty shit so they too could become Type 2 diabetics, then she shills the drugs they need to live with that disease. She makes a buck off of these folks coming and going. Whore.