Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pay the piper

As you may have noticed from the top left hand column, I'm actively soliciting donations to my PayPal account from you my dear blog readers. I don't do this lightly or because I like to, but the fact is I've run into some unexpected expenses lately, I need a new pair of glasses, and I live on a very very fixed income.

So if you have $5, 10, $15, $25, or whatever you can give, I'd appreciate it. Donations of $25 of more get you a selection of art cards that are all hand made by me. These are examples of some I've done and if you choose to make the minimum donation that qualifies you for these I'll send you out 4 random ones. I promise they'll all be different and they'll all be signed by me.

As I said, I hate doing this but if I'm ever going to get a new pair of specs, I need your help. So if you can give, please do. And I thank all of you who read me every day.


1 comment:

Kim Hambric said...

Yes, I will fork over a few bucks for all of your movie and television reviews.

Thanks for sending out those Monkey Muck originals. Its great to be rewarded for making fart jokes. Something of mine will be coming your way soon.