Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reactions to the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement

"Waste no time, shoot them all before the rest of your country gets infected with that 'economic justice' nonsense idea."

"They hate capitalism! They're dirty hippies who won't dress properly. They're all smelly and sun tanned. And when they start demanding the hymens of virgins, mine will be theirs!"
"They need to go get a job and stop being a drain on the system. And they need to stop complaining that I'm over fed, too rich, and an asshole towards the poor. Fuck the poor, they don't make me any cash and god knows, I need more cash. I need more food too. And wine."

"We ready to shoot them if they try to modify our white male privilege in any way. Our ancestors worked very hard oppressing others so that we can live the way we do now. Oh look, there's a Negro, let's shoot him for sport and blame it on a Mexican!"
"There's an occupy Wall Street movement? I didn't hear about it on TV or on America's X Factor Model so it must not be true. So good day to you sir. I said, "Good day!"

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