Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Let me get this straight...

  • It's okay for people living under dictatorships that we helped create and then propped up for years to demonstrate and bring down the intolerable rulers who enslave them but when people in this country demonstrate against the big banks and corporations who keep us enslaved it's fine to call out the riot squads, tear gas us, and beat us with batons?
  • It's perfectly acceptable for us to invade two sovereign nations, over throw their leaders, who we at one time helped stay in power, and then spend billions to rebuild their countries that we bombed to shit but there's not any money to go to rebuild our schools, highways, bridges, parks, national monuments, and to keep teachers, cops, and firemen employed?
  • We've got to do everything possible to make sure women carry babies to term even if they can't afford to feed them, clothe them, and meet their basic human needs?
  • It's fine to run off people who are willing to do back breaking soul crushing labor because our prisons are full of poor folks who should be somehow earning their keep?
  • We're supposed to rally 'round a Republican president in a time of war. But then if a Democrat inherits that war from his Republican predecessor it's now acceptable to call into question his every move and decision?
No, I refuse to get any of that straight because it's all bullshit.


Mnmom said...

It's all bullshit and you'd have to be about 10 kinds of crazy to see any logic in it.

Bats in the Belfry said...

I dare them to make less sense.

DPirate said...

There's not any money precisely because we invaded, overthrew and rebuild. It is proper that we suffer while we spend rebuilding the disasters we created elsewhere.

There aren't enough jobs, and what jobs illegals do aren't paid enough. Those jobs will never pay enough so long as you are willing to use exploited labor. You must pay more for your frozen vegetables, so sorry.

We're "supposed" to rally around Dear Leader in time of war, regardless of who he is, but that's truly just so much bullshit since we aren't living as tribal bands faced with a struggle for our existence. Apropos, it is always acceptable to call into question every president's moves and decisions, unless you are insisting upon blind obedience to Your Guy, whichis also bullshit.