Monday, October 17, 2011

Fuck you Charter Cable

I'm blogging from my local library because my internet is out again. It's out even after a "technician" said it was fixed. Charter continues to offer intolerable internet service, shitty digital cable, and spotty phone service. I was going to cancel just the digital cable and keep the internet and phone but the fiasco this weekend, we haven't been able to be online for more than 30 minutes in the past two days, has pushed me over the edge. Tomorrow the DSL people will come out and I'll be getting high speed internet and land line phone service from them for less than half of what the assholes at Charter wanted to charge me per month.

I'm packing all of Charter's digital cable boxes, remotes, and their little phone modem up in a box and I'm taking it out to their local office tomorrow. Oh how I wish I could shove it all up the asses of the shitty technicians they employ, the idiot customer service phone people who's first response is to blame the customers, and all the upper management of that dead awful company.

Fuck you Charter Cable. I hope you go bankrupt and go the way of the dinosaurs.


DonHo57 said...

I have our regional version/psrtner of your Charter muck-a-muck, Suddenstink. Um...Suddenlink...

At least once a week we have a morning or evening where the service spends an hour or two in and out, and they say there's no problem "on their end". Right. Then we get the monthly email informing us our previous month's data usage topped 100GB, which is well over their 'average' user's amount of 43GB. I tell them our household has three users with three computers and two iPhones going pretty much 18-2- hours a day, and 100 GB is not bad considering...but if you factor in the 3 hours a week we DON'T have service when it's pooping out...well, I'm looking at the only other high speed internet alternative we have here, Frontier (formerly Verizon) DSL. Anybody has any info to help me compare, please say so.

Nan said...

Your descriptions of Charter are achieving the impossible - making Comcast and its over-hyped, overpriced, and basically useless Xfinity service look good.

gmb said...

What's nuts is that cable companies are finally losing subscribers. I guess people who lose thier houses through foreclosure tend not to need cable access--wonder if the geniuses who run consumer driven companies figured that out yet.
I had to get rid of Verizon dsl because they fucked up, and am now using Time Warner cable. I wish some third party would offer internet access. Hell, Google is a monster too, but they seem to work at least.
Good luck with your dsl.