Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bring on the idiots!

A crowd of hardcore Republicans reacts to the news that Tim Pawlenty has ended his run for the Republican nomination:

Michele Bachmann wins the Ames straw poll after busing in supporters to vote for her. Sorry Michele, there aren't enough buses in the world for you to pack with people to make you POTUS.

Ron Paul (R=Racist, TX) finishes second in the Iowa straw poll and he gets no love. His racist rants come to light and they get no press. What's a cranky old man who wants to privatize everything under the sun got to do to get love? Blow a guy in an airport? Get caught drunk driving? Father a hateful racist eye doctor who grows up to be a Senator from KY?

Rick Perry says that Obama could have chosen to serve his country by serving in the military but he chose not to do so, so that means he must not be patriotic. Gee, who the fuck does Obama and those hundreds of millions of other Americans who didn't serve in the military think they are? Fucking traitors. All right thinking people know that law abiding tax paying citizens who don't serve in the in military hate their country.

Mittens 'Flip Flop' Romney says, "Corporations are people my friend." He's wrong on both counts.


gmb said...

And if Obama did 10% of what he promised, it wouldn't matter if the GOP had a candidate who was the second coming of Reagan--the GOP would be toast. But he hasn't and either he's stupid/incompetent (I don't think so) or an evil neoliberal monster (ding ding ding), and, as a result, Obama did something the republicans could not: make them relevant still.


ReaderRita said...

Yeah, you know that all of those September 11th First Responders who didn't serve in the military are SO un-patriotic that they're actually part of the Taliban...