Saturday, July 2, 2011

President Obama must be a spelunker...

...because he loves caving in. Seriously, he's caved on not closing Gitmo, extending the Bush tax cuts, keeping the Bush era secrecy laws in place, and keeping the Patriot Act going (which he swore he'd change once he got elected).

People wonder why Senate Dems cave so quickly, they're just following their leader in the White House.


Nan said...

I keep hearing a lot of nonsense about Obama being the grownup in the room. If he was actually the grownup, he'd have a spine.

Actually, I do think he has a spine. What's he's lacking are principles and any real convictions that go beyond "how can I keep Wall Street happy?" He's a personable political hack, like Clinton, but worse.

Jim said...

They are ALL bought and paid for.
The corporations are running everything, including sports (just look at a game on TV some time) including having their corporate names and logos on the stadiums.
This country is becoming like Detroit in "Robocop" where the big corporations ruled over everyone.
Sad but true.
At lest in Ohio and Wisconsin, the people are sending a message back at them
Here's hoping it catches on everywhere in the USA!

gmb said...

Obama isn't caving. He's getting what his masters want. The hemming and hawing and "caving" is meant to keep his fans in line--they so desperately want to see the mean republicans back off so their hero Obama can make everything pretty again. I felt this way back in 2008 and didn't vote for him. At the time, I was the only person I knew who did that. In 2012 I will be joined by many friends.