Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Murdoch is scum

Rupert Murdoch, seen here being protected by his third wife Wendy, accepts no responsibility for his lawless company's crimes, which include bribery, wire fraud, invasion of privacy, and probably murder. Since corporations are people, we should be locking News Corp and it's CEO away in prison. I have no faith that our corporation owned judicial system will bring him to justice but history will show him to be a scummy robber baron who was hated by millions, including me.

Fuck you Murdoch. I wish there was a hell and that you'd be sent there and be made to suffer for all eternity. May a pox be delivered on your house and all your businesses.


Professor Chaos said...

Oh, no. Corporations only count as people for the purposes of giving them rights like people. When it comes to facing responsibilities, they're magically not people at all anymore!

Jim said...

Thanks to Murdoch, journalism has never been the same.
In fact, when Murdoch took over operations of the Chicago Sun-Times back in 1983, legendary columnist Mike Royko quit the paper and went to their rival...the Chicago Tribune.
Royko's quote upon leaving... "I will not work for the alien."

gmb said...

If people stopped buying his shit, your dreams would come true. That is, it could happen, but a lot of people have to wake up and suddenly give a shit.