Friday, July 29, 2011

Four quick TV reviews

Louie is the best most original show on TV. Period end of story. If you're not watching it, you should be. If you watched it and didn't like, you're dead to me.

I really like Wilfred but I have problems with Elijah Wood. He's not really that interesting and his character isn't compelling. But I can't get enough of the guy in the dog suit, he makes the show.

They've already run all the first series of Workaholics on Comedy Central which is bad because I really like this show about three underachiever potheads who work for a soul crushing corporation. It works for me on so many levels, the main one being I used to be one of those guys. I like it's sometimes outlandish situations and I really like the three leads and the two female leads, the chunky well meaning co worker of theirs and the bitchy boss character. The good news is they ordered a second season of this show.

And finally we come to the newest series of mysteries on PBS's Masterpiece Mystery, Zen. This show purportedly takes place in Italy, yet almost all the characters have British accents. Now, that wouldn't be bad if the lone person who has an authentic Italian accent play's Zen's (Rufus Sewell) love interest. It's jarring to hear all those British accents and then hear one lone real Italian accent. This series is not gettin' it done for me. I find it unbelievable, and boring. And Mr. Sewell never saw a piece of scenery he didn't want to chew, grind to bits, and then spit back out. I'll be avoiding this one now and forever.


Caffeinated Joe said...

Only one of those I watch is Wilfred. It's so weird. Wood is okay, he fits the character, I think. Wishy-washy trying to find his place.

But man that dog suit must reek already.

Anonymous said...

You're dead right about Rufus Sewell. Over the top has its place at times, but he is a bit much.

K and S said...

"Louie" is amazing. What a great show. Excellent recommendation, sir.