Friday, June 3, 2011

Your move Eric Cantor

Republican Rep. Eric Cantor wants budget cuts to offset any money that's put aside for tornado victims, so here's a list of things we can cut to pay for the damage in Joplin, in Alabama, here in east TN, and in New England:

  • cut all aid to Israel. Israel is doing fine, they don't need money from us anymore.
  • cut all aid to Germany, Japan, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia.
  • cut the defense budget in half. If we spend half of what we do now we'd still out spend any country on earth by far.
  • cut all farm subsidies. We don't need to pay people to grow more corn when we've got a glut of it already and we sure as hell don't need to pay people to not grow crops.
  • cut all corporate welfare. If we closed tax loopholes corporations use to get out of paying their fair share of taxes then we'd have plenty of money to pay for disasters.
There you go Mr. Cantor. Pick any one or more of those things and that should give us plenty of money to work with to help tornado victims. If you don't use my suggestions then you're just a craven coward who is grandstanding for the sake of teabaggers.


Anonymous said...

I think Cantor just shit himself.

Sinistar said...

Paradox. You're speaking to Eric Cantor.

Liberality said...

All of your suggestions make way too much sense and as we already know republicans, and a lot of our democrats unfortunately, have no sense of compassion for the common citizens in our country. They have a lot of compassion for our corporate citizens however because these corporate citizens give them money to keep them reelected!

Election reform now!!!

gmb said...

How could we tell, Kirby?
And you pose excellent alternatives, Dr. Monkey. What a shame we are governed by money-grubbing whores.

Anonymous said...

I am loving this blog! A friend reccomended it to me and wow, I'm blown away! Great stuff! Please have a peek at my blog sometime, I think we may see things the same way!