Friday, May 20, 2011

Let's get a few things straight

  • Just because someone thinks differently than you and they refuse to accept your worldview and your opinions, that doesn't mean they are closed minded or hateful, it just means they have a different world view and they think differently than you.
  • It's not 'Waa-la!,' it's 'Voilà!'
  • When referring to yourself or something else as 'old,' it's not, for example, 'Ole Yeller.' It's
    Ol' Yeller. See the difference? Ole is a Spanish word. Ol' is the proper contraction for old.
  • If I have hire someone and they use numbers instead of words, 4=for/ 2=to, in any written communication, I will fire them in a heartbeat.
  • I don't not support Obama now because he's too liberal, I don't support him now because he's not liberal enough.
  • First the stove, then the tree, and finally one of the water heaters. That's enough.
  • If you hate my blog and what I write so much that you feel compelled to write me and tell me, then you need to get a life. I don't write this blog to please you. I write it to please and entertain me. If people like it, and many do since I have quite high daily traffic, that's great. If you hate it, I could care less.
  • I'm kind of shocked that Crooks and Liars let a racist anti immigration hack do the blog round up this week. That guy they let do it this past week is a virulent anti immigrant jack ass who voted and stumped on his blog for McCain/Palin.


Romius T. said...

You get hate mail? I love hate mail. I haven't written anything in months to stir the bees nest. I may have to.

Lacey said...


This is one of the most virulent general posts I have seen on a blog in a long time.

It sheds a good light on the other posts though. Let's us know where you are coming from.

That's fair I guess.

gmb said...

I got hate mail once. It felt like someone gave me an award for pissing off an asshole. Oh, and you're the best, Dr. Monkey.