Friday, April 15, 2011

A world gone wrong

How fucked up is our economic and political system? It's so fucked up that when the Yes Men
put out a real looking press release that says that GE is going to pay some of the taxes they owed in order to offset some of the cuts to the budget that are going to harm working people Wall Street slams GE and their stock price drops. Imagine that, your multinational corporation gets slammed for doing the right thing. Too bad the Yes Men were pulling a hoax on us, but I'm glad it made GE's stock go down.

Fuck yeah Yes Men.


Mnmom said...

It's fucked beyond measure, and so are we.

kirby said...

That is mind blowing, and really sad.

gmb said...

Nothing more to add. Ok this: Mike Malloy--he's a real lefty on the radio, mostly internet radio--says that there is still one nonviolent way to stop this. Two words: general strike. Everyone. Ok, maybe not doctors and emergency workers. But if everyone who is in a noncritical job stays at home and doesn't go out to buy a thing. One week. It probably wouldn't even take the whole week and the gov't and Wall Street would listen. You see, people who invest in stocks are concerned with cash flow. Just saying.