Friday, April 15, 2011

No thanks, one was enough

I had never heard of this TV show until I saw the DVD's at my local library. We dig the British stuff here at Monkey Central so I got the first one and we watched the first episode the other night.

My verdict after watching an episode and a half: yuck. No thanks. Make it stop.

My main problem with the show is the lead Richard Griffiths. He's fine actor in some of his projects but in this, holy hell, he stinks. He's simply not believable as a police detective. He's too fat, shambling, and befuddled. I did not believe for one millisecond that he was a cop, even a desk jockey cop. Criminals would laugh at this fat bastard as they walked away from him. If he ever got into a chase with one they'd just toss some fish and chips or chocolate covered eclairs at him and they'd skip away free while he chowed down. Seriously, his character looks like he'd be more at home at Apu's All U Can Eat Indian Buffet than at a police precinct. And watching the younger cops defer to Griffiths character as if he's the gold standard of policemen, is just painfully laughable.

My second problem with this crap show is the pacing. To say it was glacial is to imply that it's fast paced. I wanted to scream at the actors, "Get a fucking move on! Your hour is about to be up!" But I didn't because Sparky had fell asleep while watching this turkey. I'm kind of glad she did because watching her sleep was more exciting that this show.

The production values of this show are pretty daft as well. It looks like as if it's been shot with a pound and a half of Vaseline on the camera lens, which I guess is supposed to make everyone look sexier than they really are. There is not enough Vaseline in the world to make most of these people look sexy.

The only bright spot in this show is Maggie Steed. We came to know her through Clatterford, and she's great in that show but not so much in this one. She does however look smashing in this show, and unfortunately she's the only on who does.

But alas, a cute GILFy Maggie Steed is not reason enough to sit through hours of this crap show. It might be someone's idea of a good TV show but it's sure as hell not mine. Avoid this turkey at all costs. Oy vey, it stinks.


Flannery Alden said...

You know, I love this guy when he showed up on Vicar of Dibly as a sometimes shouting, possibly gay hedonistic priest. That I could buy. But a cop? Nah...

I'll take your recommendation.

okjimm said...

I stumbled across a couple of Canadian TV shows that I rather enjoyed.... might tickle you... Try either "Corner Gas" or " Little Mosque on the Prairie" just saying.

Lisa said...

I'm so glad you reviewed this. I keep considering picking this up at the library, but don't. Now I won't. Thank you for saving me the trouble!

Anonymous said...

"Uncle Monty" from "Withnail & I"!!!