Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Monkey Movie Report

I loved this modern fairy tale written and directed by Neil Jordan, the man who also directed In America, The Crying Game, Butcher Boy, among others.

This film tells the story of a down on his luck fisherman (Colin Farrell) who's got a stone cold alcoholic ex wife and a daughter who will die soon if she doesn't get a kidney transplant. One day while fishing he hauls in a young woman in his net. She's mysterious, sexy, and maybe she's a mermaid or a selkie. After her arrival Farrell's luck turns around, he falls in love with the mystery woman, and his daughter sees an improvement in her condition. Then reality sets in and we find out who the beautiful woman is. And things get even more interesting from there.

Farrell is a stand out in this film and so is his co star, who was also his real life girlfriend at the time, Alicja Bachleda. Both of them play the world weary vulnerable hurt yet willing to give it one more go character well. However it's Alison Barry as the dying little girl who steals the film. She's precocious, precious, and perfect in this her first major role. Also praiseworthy are Stephen Rea and Dervla Kirwan as the local priest and Farrell's ex wife.

This is a nice sweet little film that deserves to be seen and appreciated. I highly recommend it.


Duncanmusic said...

A random choice by my wife for me and my overnight co-worker to watch one night...surprisingly entertaining... we both love 'Secret of Roan Inish' and this seems a companion piece of sorts, though finally and markedly less magic in spirit.

Anonymous said...

Loved loved LOVED this movie. I wasn't expecting much -- I mean really, Colin Farrell? -- but I was happily wrong. He should do more good stuff.

Have you seen 4 Lions? Totally unrelated, but it is what we watched last night. HIlarious and depressing.

Dr. Monkey Hussein Monkerstein said...

I haven't see 4 Lions yet SDH, but I've read about it and I will see it forthwith. ;0)