Wednesday, April 20, 2011

30 Day Movie Challenge-day 6

Favorite TV movie.

I was going to change this to 'Favorite Foreign Film' because I couldn't remember any TV movies I really liked. But when I heard Michael Sarrazin died of cancer today I remember that he was in an early '70's TV called Frankenstein: The True Story and I loved the hell out of that production. I was a shy impressionable 11 yr old kid when that came on TV and I latched on to it like nobody's business. I remember Jane Seymour being really evil after they brought her back from the dead and I remember Sarrazin's creature character as having more humanity than most of the other characters in the story.

Rest in peace Mr. Sarrazin, you were a huge part of my early years and you were one damn fine actor.


Brian Busby said...

My mother thought I was too young for Frankenstein: The True Story - I had to make do with the Christopher Isherwood paperback.

Sarrazin was unappreciated... and he was in so very many bad films, including Joshua Then and Now. The last I saw of him in was Mascara (1987). IMDB describes it as "excessively sleazy"... and that is why I recommend it so highly.

RIP Michael (Michel, really).

Caffeinated Joe (Wings) said...

I have vague memories of him as an actor. Not from this movie, which I have never seen, but from some guest spots on TV.

kirby said...

Wow, that's a blast from the past. I loved that movie.

Duncanmusic said...

Thank you for letting me know Michael Sarrazin died and for reminding me of this version of the Frankenstein story. I remember it well, though it had faded somewhat in time. He DID do a wonderful job at it though. I agree. Thanks for the memory. RIP Michael.

Lsamsa said...

Oh my...I hadn't heard that Michael Sarrazin had died. What a wonderful actor he was. Puts me in mind of an earlier 'Johnny Depp' that he had those great looks, but rebelled against the glamour/pretty boy roles...and went after the meaty & different which he did great justice.
Very sad.

Jim said...

I always remember that guy in "The Flim Flam Man" with George C. Scott. Pretty funny movie.