Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New hires

Unlike most companies and blogs, I'm not downsizing, I'm hiring. I recently went on a hiring binge and I'd like to introduce you the newest members of my staff:

This is Dip Litwick, he's in charge of turning all the dials, checking all the gauges, and flipping all metal switches on all my machinery here at Monkey Central.

Ms. Virginia Lee Street is in charge of all strapless and backless gowns.

Bronwynne Von Dutchbagg is now the head of the Disapproval Department. I pay her a low salary which she highly disapproves of.

Harry Bawls is in charge of organ maintenance.

Shecky Lipstein is my new master of equations and obscure formulas.

And finally Delores Darvocet is the new staff nurse here at Chez Monkey.

Give a big hand to all my new hires and do what you can to make them feel welcome!


Marie said...

Can Delores give out type 2 narcotics??

Mnmom said...

The above was me, disguised as my daughter

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I forwarding my resume in the morning! That's a team that I want in on.