Friday, February 18, 2011

How I'm feeling today

Fight the power!
Make those who have more pay more!
Don't believe the hype. The real reasons we're in this totally made up 'fiscal crisis' is because we cut taxes and we're fighting two coffer draining wars for oil/empire.

End the war, bring our troops home, raise taxes on the wealthy and business. Stop the war on working people. Get corporate money out of our political system. And fire every incumbent except for Dennis Kucinich and Bernie Saunders.


Kal said...

It's not like the old days when all this stuff happened in secret. We all know the crap that is going down but will anyone stand up and do something about it? I hope so.

Jim said...

You are spot on good Doctor!

dguzman said...

Right on, Monkey. I get so effing sick of hearing those idiot repiglicans talking about cutting spending but of course they DON'T mean cutting all those tax breaks to corporations or stopping these endless wars or any of the TRUE causes of our economic shithole. It's always "entitlement" spending they want to cut. Because we working people are SPONGING off the government!

Just tonight on Democracy Now!, I heard a guy say that Walker and his pig cronies gave a bunch of tax breaks to corporations and THAT'S when they got into a budget crisis. But hey, make the teachers pay for it! Brilliant.


Bill said...

Tho the actual amount is kept hazy, approximately 50% of the Fed budget goes to the military. Way too much! Reduce that and many other things could be repaired or expanded. Sadly, it won't happen because money men and big corporations rule congress.

That, plus idiot voters keep electing idiots.

Lsamsa said...

You speak well of how it should be..I totally agree with you.
I especially think Dennis Kucinich is spot I might add Anthony Weiner to that 'keep list'.
I worry at the pace with which the wingnuts, the religious zealots, and the just plain greedy are destroying what the U.S. was meant to be.

Lisa said...

But the experts on the TV keep telling me that EVERYONE KNOWS and EVERYONE AGREES that we must cut social programs and entitlements to fix this problem. They are unsustainable in their current form because we're all going to be living to the ripe old age of 102!

I'm really looking forward to my next 57 years living in the demise of the empire.