Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stray observations

  • Spartacus: Blood and Sand is gayer than anything on the Logo network.
  • If your governor says he/she wants your state to be 'business friendly,' get ready to see your state raped by corporations.
  • Pawn Stars and Ice Road Truckers are the television equivalent of waterboarding.
  • It's obvious Obama wants big business on his side more than he does progressive liberals so fuck him and his Wall Street henchmen.
  • They called for flurries and we got three inches of snow, they called for three inches of snow and he got flurries. Get your shit straight Weather Channel.
  • If you want to piss Christians off remind them that they share the same religion with the hatemongers in Westboro Baptist.
  • A rabbi in Israel says according to his reading of the Torah, women should not be allowed to drive cars. Holy shit, they had cars when people wrote the Torah? Who knew?
  • I don't care if it snows more or if it stays colder longer where ever you live.
  • It's true, your kids are the most amazing things ever and all other kids from the dawn of time until now pale in comparison. Now, there's no need to ever tell me how amazing your kids are ever again. Thanks.
  • I have a new respect for Joan Rivers after seeing the documentary they just made about her. I think she looks like a freak nowadays but my respect for her work and for her as a person has grown immensely.
  • Why anyone believes anything New Gingrich or Pope Natzi Ratzi says is beyond me.


Kal said...

I felt the same way about Joan Rivers after seeing that documentary. She really has put her time in.

intelliwench said...

re: #4, the wooly worm is the most accurate prognosticator so far this winter, it seems. But he doesn't have the same groovy jams as the Weather Channel does.

kirby said...

Wasn't it Bill Hicks who said religion was an experiment in crowd control that just got way out of hand? One might go a little bit further and say religion was one method of keeping uppity women in their place. The Old Testament, the Koran, right through to that pissy St. Paul and his epistles. Always keeping a sister down.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Wait, I haven't told you yet how amazing my kid is and how much more snow we get!

Mnmom said...

What Kirby said. She always says it better.

"Never forget that your kids are the stars, the moon, and the sun to you. But to everyone else they are just another kid" My Mom