Monday, January 10, 2011

Sarah the menace

It's one thing for people like me to call out Sarah Palin on her over heated violent rhetoric, I'm just a fat dude who writes a blog. And when others like Keith Olbermann call her out on national TV they say he's just a liberal gas bag who is jealous of her and her success. But when the Secret Service says her attacks on President Obama's patriotism was responsible for a spike in death threats against him and his family, well that's another matter entirely.

It's clear she is out to gain attention and to stay in the public eye by saying horrible things about the Obamas and other Democrats, but when you factor in what the Secret Service said about her with her map of Democratic districts with crosshairs on them and her calls for her followers to 'reload' instead of 'retreating,' a big pattern emerges and that pattern is says she's a fucking menace who is going to get more people killed.

If she wasn't the darling of the right wing she wouldn't be allowed to walk the streets after what she's done. She ought to be in a super-max prison somewhere doing hard time for all the violence she's incited.


Kim Hambric said...

Let's see -- if Sarah's website were actually written by someone wearing a turban, then that person would be considered a terrorist and treated as such.

Apparently, white, non-turban-wearing, right-wing nut jobs get away with that kind of shit.

kelsi said...

White, non-turban-wearing, right-wing nut jobs get away with pretty much any shit they want.

It honestly makes me tired to even think about it. How did we get here?

John Shuck said...

Thanks for that link. That is direct evidence for a link between her rhetoric and violence.

Kulkuri said...

Just remember IOKIYAR. That says it all.

Brandon E.M. Savage said...

"White, non-turban-wearing, right-wing nut jobs get away with pretty much any shit they want."

You forgot rich, poor people are dirt to the Reich, until it's time to scare them into voting!

Tengrain said...

The thing that tickles me (in a sick, sad way) is how quickley Mooselini started taking down her rifle scope ads and claiming that it was because "they were out of date."

She doesn't even lie well when caught.



Lsamsa said...

If kids were caught trying to cover up what they did, with lies like this...parents would be all over it in a millisecond.
How incredibly stupid to not realize that other people are just not as stupid.
No did not cause this...but you knew during your campaign when you were silent about those in your rallies shouting violent threats...and you knew about targetting opponents on a map, with gun crosshairs. You knew & lapped up that fervour, despite any consequences that might arise.

McGriddle Pants said...

I was totally wishing JUST YESTERDAY that some brave (liberal) prosecuter, would indict her for manslaughter. I mean, you can't yell "FIRE!" in a crowded movie theater... so sorry Repubs... but there ARE LIMITS TO THE FIRST AMENDMENT. Just really. She needs to BE GONE.