Monday, December 6, 2010

Today in religious bigotry

The usually fine folks over at Awful Library Books posted the above book cover with the question "Balance in the religion section or just plain weird?" So being the filthy atheist agitator that I am, I left a comment, which is awaiting blog owner approval, that said that some of us find all religions 'weird,' especially Christianity which is basically a zombie worshiping death cult that forces it's adherents to fetishize a torture device. And that if libraries really wanted balance in their religion sections then they'd all stop pretending one or two religions are better than others simply because a few religions were more successful in brainwashing people than others.

Religious bias, it's everywhere religious people are.


Mnmom said...

So true my friend! Today in Religious Bigotry could be a daily blog all by itself.

Liberality said...

We have more Christian books on our library shelves than any other religion, so really that religion is way over represented, and people donate more to add to the collection all the damned time!