Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Where we're at

So it's come to this:

  • We've decided it's okay to torture because some lawyer says it's okay.
  • We're going to let a bunch of war criminals off the hook because they have a bunch of money and powerful friends and it would be 'incendiary' to try them for their crimes.
  • We've decided that the wealthy get to keep most of their money instead of paying some of it in taxes which would help balance the budget and fix a bunch of things that need fixing in our country.
  • We got two political parties that are not very different at all. They're just slightly different shades of gray who will do anything and screw over anyone just to stay in power.
  • The political party that used to be for the working classes now wants to stab them in the back by extending tax cuts for the wealthy, prolonging the wars of terror, and raising the retirement age.
  • We decided that unions are bad because they cut in to the profitability of corporations who are our lord and masters.
  • We're not going to make the people who make over $106,000 pay any more in Social Security taxes because Social Security is a socialist scheme to spread the wealth around.
  • We decided long ago that unless you're on board with letting corporations and big business do whatever they please, then you're a socialist.
  • We come to the conclusion that perpetual war is good for our economy and our country.
  • Anything less than what the Republicans want is treason and only the things the Republicans want are worth having.
  • We're going to give people a pass on things like cheating, mistreating animals, bullying gay kids, and raping kids because doing those things is part of one's 'culture' or religion.
  • Radical right wing Christianity is the only religion that is allowed in the USA. If you're not an evangelical or pentecostal Protestant, then fuck you. And an especially big fuck you to Muslims and their Islamic religion.
  • It's totally fine to have a 'news' network on cable TV that champions the radical right agenda and that actively foments rebellion and violence against those that disagree with them.
  • Science is bad because it contradicts big business and big religion.
  • Single payer universal health care for all is too expensive but there's plenty of money for prisons and for the wars of terror.
  • The only good immigrants are white immigrants.
Little by little Big Brother (corporate America and the prison/military industrial complex) took over our country, turned it on it's head, and displaced our once cherished ideals. And when we say anything about it, they claim we're trying to start class warfare. Well, they're wrong. We're not trying to start class warfare, we're just defending ourselves against the one they started back in 1980. And I'm sad to say, we're losing this motherfucker.


Mnmom said...

You are sadly so right my friend.

gmb said...

And if you want to take an airplane somewhere, the lesser people (i.e., us) have to either go through a "I Can See You Naked Cancer Machine" or have their tits/junk felt up. Man, we had better fight now, or the body cavity searcher is a coming.

Lsamsa said...

Sad...but you've nailed it.
America, the Land of Opportunity, has become the Land of 'How much can I be bought for'.

Liberality said...

We are losing. As long as the rich can propagandize the masses and the poor and working classes buy that shit in the hopes that someday they will be rich too, then we have lost.