Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The crazy train rolls on

Sharron Angle, who lost to Harry "Mealymouth" Reid in the US Senate race in Nevada had this to say about why she got more rural rather than urban votes:

"I find the people in the rural counties more educated on the issues and seem to be more tied into their communities," she said. "The urban areas seem to have more of a disconnect from the issues that affect their communities."

Translation: Only rural people are smart enough to vote for me so we should only count their ballots. And if we had done that, then I would have won.

She was honestly surprised that she lost by such a big margin after her polls showed her being so far ahead just a few weeks before election day. The problem with her polling is she was only polling rural households and people with land line phones. The people who didn't vote for her were too busy working to answer poll questions and they can't afford land line phones.

The woman is truly delusional. I hope she runs for the Senate again in 2012!


Mnmom said...

Heck, why not president?

kirby said...

Maybe she was only polling the little voices inside her own head.

Lsamsa said...

Well, Mrs. Smartypants...you can now write off any votes from 'urban' tea baggers.

gmb said...

I read somewhere she's running for the house in 2012. Your wishes were answered, Dr. Monkey!