Monday, November 15, 2010

Bush family memories

Laura Bush wants to remember her early days in the bosom of the Bush family but she can't due to the fact that she had to stay stinkin' drunk in order to tolerate being the newest member of the Bush family.
Jenna and Tonic remember Granny Bush chasing them around while threatening to put them in a jar with her dead miscarried fetus.

George Bush senior remembers the days when he bombed Iraq and it looked like he was a shoo in to be elected to a second term.

George remembers the day Laura gave birth to Jenna and Tonic and how he had to stop his mother from putting them in a jar for 'safekeeping.'

And the whole gang remembers when they were told by a lawyer that waterboarding, negligent homicide, and letting wolverines loose in day care facilities was legal.

Nothing like a good ol' self serving memoir by the worst president ever to get the old Bush family memories going.


Madam Z said...

Yikes! That's a bit harsh, even for me!

libhom said...

The Bush Crime Family certainly deserves all the criticism it gets. However, many of its members have not received the prison sentences they deserve.

Margaret Benbow said...

Now we know for sure that Grandma Bush was the relentlessly cruel emotional abuser that in the past we always SUSPECTED she was.

Lsamsa said...

What a family album to get all choked up over. Hope they all choke!