Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Project much Mike?

Fat religious radical Republican Mike Huckabee is outraged that someone would use religion to politically attack someone else.
He wrote this on his PAC blog:

"The only thing worse than a person attempting to show-off and parade his faith for the purpose of getting a vote is a person who would falsely and viciously attack his political opponent's faith and lie about it. The latest ad by Jack Conway will be studied by future political scientists as the most egregious example of slash and burn sleaze politics..."

I left him a comment to the effect that if anyone knew about people parading their faith to get votes, it would be him because after all he built his political career on it. Somehow I doubt he and his handlers will ever let my comment will ever see the light of day on his PAC blog.

What the fat douchebag actually meant to say was, that he's shocked the a Democrat had the gall to attack a Republican over his lack of religion. But considering that Huckabee never takes responsibility and always blames others for his actions, wants to deny those with pre existing conditions (including kids with cancer) health insurance, and thinks that Jesus condones the death penalty because he didn't climb down off the cross, this latest incident should surprise no one. Huckabee is one of those first class douchebags who gives Christianity an even worse image than it's already got.


Kal said...

This hillbilly will never lead your nation because there is no way that anyone will vote for someone with the name Douchebag.

President Douchebag is only slightly less offensive to my ears than President Huckabee but both are interchangeable when talking about this slug.

jadedj said...

Hmmmmmm...does he mean, for example, calling a Christian a Muslim? Isn't there an old saying about throwing stones in a glass house?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I don't understand why religion should even enter into politics. Some of your politicians need to get a life, I'm sorry to say.

Liberality said...

To make matters worse, at least from my point of view, is that he is from Indiana, my nutty state.

Ricky Shambles said...

This guy is Gomer Pyle on a high fat diet. "I'm just big-boned!"

He's so far off the chart he has a FOX show. And talking about attacking religion? Him and the right invented "Obama isn't Christian enough and might just be a sekrit moslem."

It pains me to look at his face except to remind me I haven't done a photoshop of it yet ;)

*evil grin*