Tuesday, October 19, 2010

For the record

  • I don't oppose Obama now because I've turned into a radical Republican, I oppose him because he's too timid to do the right thing by the people who got him elected. And for the record, those people are women, gays, lesbians, progressives, anti war protesters, and working men and women.
  • I'm sure Hillary Clinton would have been the same or worse to her base.
  • Rand Paul is pissed that his opponent used religion to attack him, uh, hey asshole, Republicans have been using religion to attack Democrats for years, get over it.
  • I'm through voting for Democrats because I fear that the Republicans will be worse. I know the Republicans will be worse but we'll never get any real change in this country if we keep electing the same two political parties. Republicans will screw us, Democrats less so, but you know what? I'm tired of being screwed by politicians no matter what side of the political spectrum they fall on.
  • If you're tired of me plugging my graphic novel, you ain't seen nothin' yet. I'll keep flogging it and promoting it as long as needs be. Most of you people haven't made the donation to become a member of the invite only blog where it's being posted so obviously, I haven't promoted and pushed it enough.
  • Despite my hatred of commercial radio in general and classic rock stations in particular, I still love the Rolling Stones and the Beatles.


Estancia De La Ding Dong said...

Obama is much 'too timid,' Rand Paul is a ninny and you have every right to love the Rolling Stones and the Beatles.

Nan said...

Every time I see Obama I find myself wondering how an invertebrate can manage to stand upright. I didn't support him until he became the nominee, and even then I did so with reservations -- I knew he was a corporatist through and through. This election cycle I am relieved to have one person on the ballot I can vote for without flinching (the incumbent Congressman for my district) and I'm sorely tempted to ignore all the rest.

Rand Paul is a classic rightwinger -- real good at calling other people names, but then being absolutely appalled when the same tactics get used on him.

Mnmom said...

Like Nan "I didn't support him until he became the nominee, and even then I did so with reservations", but then again I supported John Edwards so maybe I'm not such a good judge.

But the real lefties I want to support would never get elected.

I haven't read your graphic novel because I have to share the computer with 5 other needy people. I need to just print it out, then sit on the couch.

gmb said...

I agree with you, Dr. Monkey. Like Nan, I didn't support Obama. But I also didn't vote for him in the general. Why? His FISA vote. He put party before country. Unfuckingacceptable. I have very little respect for institutions and titles, but a hell of a lot of respect for the Constitution. Nothing he does now surprises me. Except, I didn't think he would be this bad.

Lisa said...

I'll second what MnMom said except for the part of about the graphic novel. I'm reading along. And listen you, keep promoting it! It's great!