Friday, October 29, 2010

Bristol goes on forever

I love this 1960's photo of Bristol, TN/VA. It makes the city look glamorous and like it goes on forever. I got it out of a 1962 King College, which is my alma mater by the way, yearbook.


Wings said...

I like it, looks frameable!

Gregory said...

Very nice pic, Dr. Some classics on there, Ball Bros. Furniture, Charles clothing store, H. P. Kings, of course, even make out the Cameo farther down.

Very good movie playing as well at the Paramount, 'The Innocents' with Deborah Kerr.

Another thing I notice, State Street is one-way, going west. I don't remember when it was switched back to two way.

kirby said...

Sigh. I don't imagine real neon signs will ever stage a comeback. They're probably filled with all kinds of toxic stuff now illegal to use, that, or the craftsmanship required to produce them has completely died out.

Estancia De La Ding Dong said...

Great photo - neon at dusk !