Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Interview with Sharron Angle

(All responses to my questions are actual quotes from Sharron Angle.)

Dr. MVM: Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule of only speaking to friendly audiences and to FOX Noise to speak with me. You realize I'm an actual socialist right? Is that a problem for you, talking to a socialist?

Sharron Angle: It's a Nevada problem.

Dr. MVM: I'm in TN and it's somehow a Nevada problem that I'm a socialist and you're talking to me? I'm not sure I understand.

I need to appeal to a broad base.

Dr. MVM: Fair enough then. I understand that. Let me ask you this, should people donate their hard earned money to your campaign or keep it and use it to pay their bills and feed their families?

We put up a splash page on my website saying, 'Send money...'

Dr. MVM: Send money to you? To your campaign?

And when I get on a show, and I say, 'Send money to,' so that your listeners will know that if they want to support me they need to go to

Dr. MVM: I see. You'd like people to send their money to you rather than to pay their bills. Let's change the subject. Your state is the only one that has legal prostitution. How do you feel about your state government mandating tests to insure that all the sex workers keep disease free?

Government shouldn't be doing that to a private company...

Dr. MVM: Moving on, some people claim that you like sugary fruit flavored drinks commonly called 'slushies.' And some of those who say that claim you have a bank account that is used only to pay for those drinks. Would you call that bank account a slush fund?

And I think you named it clearly: It's a slush fund.

Dr. MVM:
You're a pretty vocal critic of the President and the stimulus that Sen. Reid helped pass. Study after study has shown it's working and that a majority of Americans back it. It's also been shown to benefit ordinary people more so than big multi national corporations. That's the direction our country is going in. How do you feel about that?

SA: I have an opportunity, right now, to change the direction of our country.

Dr. MVM: So you want to see the stimulus go to big business rather than to working people.

SA: I am pretty wordy ... We're still working on those precise statements.

Dr. MVM: You like to talk about your god an awful lot. I hear that you not only shot a man in Reno just to watch him die, that you routinely shiv, stab, and shank homeless men and women for sport. How does your god feel about your unholy blood-lust and your need to commit bloody heinous crimes?

God knew all of this in advance ... He saw it and that He has provided a way of escape and a way for me to endure.

Dr. MVM: How do you choose your victims?

When you have God in your life ... he directs your path.

Dr. MVM: Okay then. That's all I can stomach from you. I see now why you hide from real journalists and bloggers. You hide from them because you're a nut.

There are people who would like to see different things come out of me, but I am who I am.

Dr. MVM: Sure. I'm glad I'm not in the same room with you, you might try to use one of your 'second amendment solutions' on me if I was. Hey, I'll have my buddy Basil Marceaux get in touch with you. He's a conservative Republican who's running for governor here in TN. I think you two would hit is off nicely. Bye bye now.


Professor Chaos said...

That made more sense than any actual interview of her that I've seen.

Lsamsa said...

That's she has made it as far as she truly very scary to me...and I don't even live in the U.S.
Christian commandment vs U.S. Constitution...she doesn't give two hoots about how & why the U.S. was founded.

dguzman said...

It's a tribute to the stupidity of many Americans that a moron like this (or Bachman or Palin or...) has any kind of platform.