Monday, July 12, 2010

"...the whole system is out of order!"

In the wake of the relatively light sentence given to the BART cop who murdered Oscar Grant many people are speaking out and predictably opinions are all over the place. You can probably tell how I feel about it just by re-reading the previous sentence.

The important things to remember in this case and in all cases like this are :

  • If you think that racism is dead in this country because we have a African American President then you're fooling yourself. And if you think that the aforementioned racism that many police officers are infected with vanished when Obama become President then you're also sadly mistaken.
  • The police are not out there to make sure all people get justice, or even to 'serve' and 'protect.' The police are there to enforce the law. And most every law was written by, and for rich white people.
  • There is a separate and unequal criminal justice system in this country. If you are rich and white you face an entirely different system than you do if you're black or Hispanic. Even if you're a working class or poor white person you have a better chance of getting treated better by the cops when under arrest. If you have dark skin then police everywhere will give you a harder time than they do white people.
I understand that we need police and many police officers do a fine and upstanding job each and every minute they are on duty, but when cases like this happen it's sad to see cops and others close ranks and defend the murder of people like Oscar Grant. I understand that in the line of duty sometimes police officers must kill, but murder is murder, no matter who does it. And those who murder should face the same punishment no matter what their profession or skin color.

Police brutality exists. Racism among the police exists. And the verdict in the Oscar Grant case proves yet again that police officers who murder in the line of duty are held to a different judicial standard than others who commit murder.


DrGoat said...

Racism and small-mindedness is alive & well here in the good ole USA.
And there's that line from Bladerunner.."you're not cop. you're little people".

Sparkleneely said...

i have a really hard time with this case. Not that I don't agree with you on your statements above, and I do think it's murder -- though I, and most people I know -- agreed however reluctantly with the involuntary manslaughter charge. It wasn't pre-meditated, and I think it was a stupid, stupid mistake, and I think they'll slap on a big gun enhancement charge. Now had he been acquitted, that would have been different. then it would have been even more racially charged.

What I am really pissed about are the "anarchists," the group of asswipes who were supposedly angry about "Oscar Grant" and the verdict, came to MY city and fucked shit up. They didn't give a fuck about that poor kid, or Oakland, or Mehserle or any of it -- they used it as an excuse and in the guise of rioting for the black community, made things very bad for shop owners of ALL races and backgrounds. I just want to bitch slap them silly. They should have taken a lead from Oscar Grant the I, the victim's grandfather, who quoted MLK.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I totally agree with you Sparkleneely about the 'anarchists' assholes who use cases like this to make themselves look cool and politically trenchant. They're a bunch of cowards who love to parade around and get attention, they could care less about Oscar Grant, police brutality, and the things that caused this case to happen in the first place.

Sparkleneely said...

Exactly. There was a scene on the news of a white girl with a bandana around her face, spary apinting the ground in front of city hall. I was furious. I was also furious at all the Black, Hispanic, Asian, White, whatever people kicking in windows and looting. That's no way to react, and it makes Oscar Grant not martyred, but used as a symbol to hide behind to destroy hard work. And most of the people arrested weren't even from Oakland. Grrr.

It ain't over yet. We'll see in August when he's sentenced. But hopefully it will be another non event.

I must say, though, that the Oakland PD did a fine job that night. And this week their jobs are on the line. It's a fucked up system, that's for sure.

(Sorry about the swearing. It just makes me so mad!)