Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Three quick reviews

I remember reading and hearing about this mini series when it first came out but we didn't catch it on Masterpiece Theatre when it aired on PBS. A few weeks ago I spotted it for sale in an antique store for $5 and I bought it. After finally seeing it I can truthfully say that I'm sorry I missed it the first time around. It's a very good series that's well written, well directed, and very well acted. Jane Horrocks and Janet McTeer are fantastic in it. I highly recommend this one. It's the kind of series that the Brits at the BBC do so well.

This film is at times highly disconcerting, melancholy, and creepy (though not in a horror movie kind of way). It's a morality tale about families, capitalism, and the state of modern Ireland. I enjoyed it very much and as usual Brendan Gleeson is fabulous in it. And while I am not immune to the physical charms of Kim Cattrall, her accent in this film is just mercilessly bad. It's so bad in fact that she abandons it mid way through the film and no one notices it. But golly, she is nice to look at.

This little charming film tells the quasi fictional story of one of the first marriages allowed in the USA after the Exclusion Act was finally revoked. (For those of you who are not familiar with that piece of hateful legislation, it held that no Chinese females were allowed into the country, however males were fine to come in and work but they couldn't become citizens. And that was the law of this land until after World War 2.) It's a sweet slice of life film that shows us, well mainly me in this case, how tough non white people had it (and still have it in many cases) and how they overcome and flourish in spite of what the rich white male corporate elites do to them. I recommend this film but Sparky said she found it to be a little slow moving for her taste, so be forewarned.

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