Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I am the sunshine of your lives

Yeah, that's right I got awarded that sweet award for being my awesome self. And you know what? I totally deserved it because I'm good looking, a great writer, funny, politically astute, and so very very humble. And the only thing better than getting a sweet award for my blogging prowess is getting a sweet award for my blogging prowess from this hot chick:
I know! Right? That's McGriddle Pants and she's the one who gave me the award. She gave me another award but every time I go back to her blog to find out which one it was I end up stopping and staring respectfully at the above photo because, holy cats, how could you not love a picture of a cute gal in a bikini top drinking a beer at 10:30 in the morning?

Anyhoo, we could sit around and bask in her and my awesomeness all day long but where would that get us? I'm not sure either so let's get right onto passing this award along. I didn't bother to read the rules and regs that accompany this award because I'm a bad ass like that so I'm gonna give it to who I please and they can do the same or not, whatever. So I hereby bestow this award to:

  • My blog and real life friend Southern Female Lawyer. She's smart, cute, a fine singer, a heck of a mother, and she's twitchy live wire gangster goon in my graphic novel project. I'm lucky to live just a few blocks from her and her husband local music legend Rob Russell of Rob Russell and the Sore Losers.
  • Libby of Libby Logic. She's a funny working gal who lives in Utah and isn't a Mormon. She's married and has the cutest baby ever. And she likes wine. What's not to love?
  • Pe Nolan of Menopausal Stoners. She and I share roughly the same age and almost the exact same politics. I love her take on life, the universe, and everything. She's also graciously agreed to be in my graphic novel project as a boozy MILF.
  • The gal over at Pure Klass. I've only been reading her for a week now and I only started doing it because she left a comment here on a post I did. I'm glad she did and I'm glad I found her kick ass blog. Her slice of life blog posts are funny, wistful, and worth reading.
  • Kirby at I make no promises. I've been blog buds with Kirby for a few years now and I have nothing but love for her short pithy blog posts and her comments here.
Congrats to all the women I re-gifted this award to and to the rest of you I say, step up your blogging and one day you might get an award from me as well. And know that I lurve you all, each and every one of you.


McGriddle Pants said...

Thanks for the props Doctor Von Monkerstein!! :)

pureklass said...

Oh! Wow! Thanks, Doc! This is a first for me.
And you're one of my blogging favorites, so this is ultra ultra flattering. Thanks for being such a force for good on the interwebbythings!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Congrats on the award, well deserved, you bundle of sunshine, you.

I have absolutely no plans to step up my blogging so save the lazy-assed blogger award for me.

Logical Libby said...

Ah, how sweet... I knew there was a reason I kept hanging around here other than the political satire.

PENolan said...

Thank you, Doctor.

This afternoon I've been cleaning up bits of vomit that we missed last night after a friend of my son's repeatedly blew chunks all over the living room.

It's a long, convoluted tale naturally involving marijuana since it was happening at my house - which I will share at my own bog in the hopes that it brightens your day
As you have brightened mine.

Big Kiss

PENolan said...

The long convoluted tale - not the weed. I'll share the story. Can't share weed on a blog, more's the pity.

southernfemalelawyer said...

AWESOME! I'd like to thank Jesus, my babies' daddy, and my manager. Seriously - the blushing - I'm doing it! xoxox - SFL