Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tudor? Why, I hardly know her!

Most of you regular readers of this blog know I have little use for most of my family, with the exception of a few cousins in Michigan and my Uncle Bob and his wife, so I don't get the chance to brag on or be inordinately proud of any blood relatives. Luckily Sparky has a bunch of great nieces and a nephew I can claim as mine.

I knew Sparky's niece Virginia was a special kid the first time I met her, she was not only beautiful and polite, she also graciously laughed at my lame attempts at humor when her and her siblings let me hang out with them. The second time I spent time around her I began to see just how smart she was, she read Frank McCourt's Angela's Ashes in a day and a half. When I found out she was a raging liberal who hated Bush and the wars of terror, my suspicions that she was a genius were confirmed.

Until now you've only had my word that the kid, well, she's not a kid anymore, she's a beautiful young married woman, has a brilliant mind and isn't afraid to use it. She's decided to put her brains to good use and to use her intelligence for good instead of evil. She's got a blog going which is a series of podcasts about the House of Tudor.
She breaks down books about the Tudors. She speaks about Tudor related entertainment, movies and TV shows.
And you know what? It's all interesting as hell. Maybe I'm biased, but I'm all in on this kind of stuff and Virginia does a bang up job with it. I'm a sucker for this period in history and I'll watch almost any Tudor related film and most TV shows, with the exception of the Showtime series which I find to be historically inaccurate.

If you're a history buff, or if you always wanted to know more about King Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, then check out her great podcasts on Tudor Talk.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the plug! I plan to cover the Showtime show once this final season is over, but I will also be discussing the historical inaccuracies. I also added the Ray Winstone series that you suggested to my Netflix queue.

Mommy Lisa said...

I am gonna have to watch those and recommend to my uncle. I love to read historical novels & historical fiction from this time period.