Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shaking things up

After a long run as the house band of this blog I decided to let the Madison, WI based Motor Primitives go free. They were a great house band and they sent me swag and autographed it so it was a hard decision to let them go.

But it had to be done because it's time for a new band to set up and that new band is Banquet Hall.
Everything I have heard them play sounds really cool and I love a band that has a chick with glasses playing the bass. So please give them a warm welcome and pray they send me swag or I'll have to fire them in favor of a band that'll hook me up.


Ricky Shambles said...

Checked them out on MySpace. Hawt.

Anyone who can draw an analogy between coming of age and Rolling Rock beer ("33") wins me automatically.

And while they sound familiar, it's almost a comforting familiar as opposed to emulating some other band.

Me likey. Thanks.

DrRalphnJana said...

THNX.LRD:Jesus,'I Am' married to Jana
she from Moscow,The New Rus.Fed.,as me,w/in my little old 2Co5:1,"Tent",
'I Am',[Ex3:14!Da?]:Dr^s.Ralph^Jana Pryse,PhI,PhD:APL!+I'm Groking those wierd hieroglyphs which make up the [Ru]alphabet!Das ist leicht,nicht war
Jesus,mein Gott?Bitte,WWW,bette fuer uns:Danke!

DrRalphnJana said...