Friday, June 4, 2010

Admission of guilt

Bush the Idiot, seen here enjoying a cool drink after a hard day of sitting on his ass and watching him some Cartoon Network,
finally came out and admitted publicly that he approved waterboarding. And most of us acted like his admission was nothing. No big deal.

Well kids, it was a big deal. In the words of our current Vice President, it's a big fucking deal.

You see, when the Japanese army waterboarded people in World War 2, we said it was inhumane and torture. When Texas sheriff James Parker and three of his deputies did it in the early 1980's they all got fired and were sent to prison for it and guess who prosecuted them for it, St. Reagan's Department of Justice. Military dictatorships in South America did and we loudly and publicly condemned them for doing it, but in private we shoved money and weapons at them because they kept the Commies out of this hemisphere. You see where I'm going with this, bad people used waterboarding. Slimy human right violators used waterboarding and most all of them were imprisoned for doing so. Except for George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

If it's wrong for the Japanese to do it in World War 2, then it's wrong for us to have done it. If that sheriff in Texas got four years in prison for doing it, then Bush should be tried and convicted for doing it. The fact that a privileged white man ordered people to torture in the name of the USA doesn't make it right. If it's a war crime for Asians to do it, it's a war crime for Americans to do it. And the excuse that 9/11 'changed everything' doesn't hold water. The bombing of the Twin Towers didn't make torture an accepted thing to do. The deaths of over three thousand people didn't make it suddenly right to torture. Wrong is wrong, no matter what.

It's a god damned shame that our establishment President, the man we elected because he told us he was going to change things and bring hope back, won't prosecute Bush for his war crimes. Well, to be honest, I see why Obama won't prosecute Bush. It's because Obama is a war criminal himself. His use of unmanned drones by is a violation of international law because the CIA is in charge of that program. If it was under the aegis of the military than it would be legal under international law, it still wouldn't be morally right, but it would be legal. Can't have one war criminal going after another, it just wouldn't be right. But the irony here is that if Obama ever orders the use of waterboarding, then the Republicans and the pundits in right wing echo chamber aren't going to pat him on the back and thank him for 'keeping America safe,' nope, they're going to scream that the negro socialist tortured people and he should be drawn and quartered for doing so.

So Bush dragged us into the torture gutter, got us mired in two wars we can never ever 'win,' (although I'm not sure just what there is to win in Iraq and Afghanistan), and made the use of torture an acceptable part of intelligence gathering. And he walks away from all of it with a smirk on his face and a spring in his alcoholic step. It's times like these that I wish the Christian fairy tales were true and that there was such a place as hell and that Bush and all the others who were in charge and who ordered the waterboarding torture of others would spend the rest of eternity in a lake of fire getting burned and gang raped by hoary demons and rabid animals.

Wait, no. That punishment is too good for Bush and his crew. Fuck it. History will judge them to be the craven stupid shortsighted bastards they really are and that's punishment enough I guess.


Ricky Shambles said...

Amen on all of that. I can't believe how it's being swept under the media carpet. But then someone in the administration mentioned employment to someone who already had it.

*shakes fist*

Those damn politicians are always coming up with newfangled ways of "doing business."

libhom said...

The war on Iraq is a war of aggression under international law. Bush, Cheney, Obama, and every other politician and general responsible for starting and continuing that war is subject to prosecution for war crimes under international law in any country for the rest of their lives.