Sunday, May 23, 2010

That big government that Rand Paul and other conservatives hate brought you this:

Cheap hydro electric electricity.
Lakes for boating and fishing.

Stunning mountain lake views.

If libertarians had their way no dams that generate electricity for people would have been built. No lakes would have been made to feed the system of TVA dams and therefore there would be no fishing, boating, swimming, or water skiing.

Big government works.

And when it's done right, like it was under FDR, it works for all Americans.


Logical Libby said...

Rand Paul hates everything.

Mnmom said...

And no Rural Electrification, no enhanced 9-11, no interstate highway system, no libraries, no state parks, no DNR, no National Guard, no universities, and the list goes on . . . . . .

Who you callin' housewife? said...

But I thought in today's America, things are only supposed to work for a few Americans. That other stuff is history. And it will soon be revised.

Now, I'm off to have lunch with Mr. Paul. I guess I'll end up paying for the whole damn thing 'cause he won't want to pay for anything.

Anonymous said...

If a Libertarian's cabin in the woods burns down, does the fire department hear the alarm?

Lsamsa said...

Rand Paul, who I hadn't even heard of a few days ago, is one scary dude. No, not himself...he's mostly his father's puppet who really doesn't know much about anything, except how to spew the party line.
What is scary is that he's 'there' & moneyed & ready...for all those non-thinkers out there to just latch on to...easy, no thinking!!