Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Swag Report

I opened my mailbox today and after I got out the junk mail I noticed that there was something else in there. It was a CD sized box and it bore the return address of Enriched Geranium. I'm always excited to be getting stuff from people I like, but when I opened the package I was blown away because inside was an EP on CD from The Motor Primitives, Mr. Geranium's band.
They even autographed it for me!

I couldn't listen to is right away because I had to skeedaddle out of Monkey Central because we had a realtor coming by to show our place to a client but when I got back home later this afternoon I slapped that CD on and I gave it a listen.

I'm gonna be honest with you people, I did not like the CD...I fecking loved it! The Motor Primitives play a really cool brand of rock that veers into the pop music sphere and then it dances out again and it goes into left field after stopping off at bar for a drink or two. The band has a great insistent driving drum beat that keeps things humming along even in the slower numbers. Th guitars and Mr. Geranium's bass lines are crisp and clean, and at times they jump up and grab you and slap you in the face and make you question your very existence. The organ slides in and out of the songs and it adds layers of rich rock and roll goodness to the whole package.

I'd be remiss if I did not single out lead vocalist Pam Barrett for her sultry sexy smokey singing. She's got a seductive sound that at times reminded me of a mellow Patty Smith and at other times she sounds like no one else out there. I've got a crush on her just from listening to her sing and play her guitar. Grrr baby, grr.

My favorites off this 6 track EP are "What's the Matter," "Horseman," and "The Model." But truth be told I love all of the swinging sounds The Motor Primitives laid down on this EP. If you like rock and roll, especially non corporate controlled rock and roll, then do yourself a favor and pick up this CD by my favorite band ever to come out of Madison, Wisconsin. Check out their website here and if you buy a CD tell them it was Dr. Monkey who turned you onto them.

And for those of you keeping track, this is the second bit of swag that the Geranium/Ether clan have sent me. The rest of you are woefully behind and I shall not forget those of you who did and who did not send me swag when I hit the Mega Millions and or the Powerball jackpots.


Suzy said...

The MPs can also be found on YouTube, in case anyone is innerested.

Ed said...

Thanks for the review! Just so you know, I think this is the first review of this CD anywhere! You scooped 'em all! We are burning them ourselves (well, I guess I should say Robin is burning them himself) and we're packaging them in recycled jewel cases. Thus, it's a rather slow process and the first batch, one of which you have, is all gone. Robin is on vacation, so it will be a week or two before we have any more.

Thanks again!

PJ said...

Wow, didn't know your middle name was Hussein. Now that tells a story.