Friday, July 20, 2007

Fear of a black dick

Even as I write this the Georgia Supreme Court is deciding whether Genarlow Wilson should be released from prison. This kid was the one who was convicted under a law, which has since been changed, which made it a felony to perform sex acts with a person under the age of consent. This felony is a non-paroleable offense so that means if you got convicted your ass would serve every second of the time.

Finally though a few months back a judge in Georgia decided that this kid has served enough time and that to let him rot in prison would be a grave miscarriage of justice. This judge then told the state to release Mr. Genarlow. But then something crazy happened, something that makes you lose your faith in the judicial system of this country, that is to say if you had any to begin with, the Attorney General of the state of Georgia filed an appeal of the judges order and he said he wanted the kid to remain in jail. It didn't matter that the state lawmakers had changed the law to prevent this type of thing from ever happening again, it did not matter to this Atty General that the kid who did the crime was 17 at the time of the crime and the girl he performed oral sex on was 15 and that she said it was consensual. Nope. None of that mattered. All that matters to this ass hat is that a black kid with a swingin' dick remain locked up.

This whole affair once again points out the double standard in our country. While most of us, President Bush and his junta cronies aside, all have to abide under the same laws, there is a wide disparity between how those laws are applied depending on your skin color. If you're a black person then it's more likely that you will be arrested, tried, and sentenced harshly, and if you're a black male in your teens to late thirties then it's even more likely that you'll be arrested, tired, and sentenced than if you were a black female.
It all comes down to racism and class disparity. It's true and you know it. This Wilson kid was arrested, tried, and sentenced because he was black, pure and simple. The Georgia authorities saw that he was a sports star, saw he was good looking, saw that women were attracted to him and it drove them crazy. They had to get his ass off the streets and into prison before he started having sex with white women. God knows that would be such a horrid thing, him knocking up their lily white daughters and them then giving birth to mixed race babies. Oh my fucking god no, that would be horrible!

If you're not black then you have no idea how deep and pervasive racism is in this country. And one can say the same thing about Native Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans, and to a large degree gays and lesbians too. All these groups of people face racisim and discrimination on a daily basis, some so much so that it surprises me that there has not been more "race riots' in this country. Some people say these days that slavery is over, that the laws have been changed to prevent racism, and that blacks should stop whining. Those people would be wrong as hell.

To those people I would say try this. Try getting kidnapped and separated from your family and be forced to live in squalor as you work for no wages, while someone whips you when you stray out of line. Then you can stand by while your women are degraded daily and raped. Then you later after years and years of that you get "freed." Then after your "freedom" you get to no acess to the same laws that others live under, you get disenfranchised from voting, you get lynched for looking at someone, you get to live in the shittiest neighborhoods that have a liquor store and a pawn shop that sells guns on every corner in your shitty neighborhood. Then when you bitch about any of that how about someone tells you to shut up and stop whining.

This Wilson kid is another in a long line of black men we've fucked over and I know he won't be the last. But something happened here that hardly ever happens, this kid's case caught the spotlight and he almost got a modicum of justice, but then the Atty General of Georgia stepped in and made sure that this potent black dick was stuffed inside a prison cell, where perhaps if the white power elites of Georgia are lucky he might get AIDS or he might take a liking to getting anally raped.

There is no justice for black people, Native Americans, Hispanics, or gays, lesbians, transgendered people. I'm a white male and I am supposed to reap the benefits of years and years of racism and opression, but you know what? Fuck it. I don't want it and I reject the laws that oppress and marginalize.

If I was a white female of childbearing years, I'd be right there at the gates of the prison when they finally let Genarlow Wilson out of prison and I would take him by the hand and lead him to a hotel and I would shag his brains out and I would keep doing it til he got me pregnant. And then I'd raise that kid to be pissed off enough to organize people around him into a political machine that would one day take over the state of Georgia so that they could re-write the laws that divide and marginalize people of different skin colors and sexual persuasions and so they could also make sure that everyone was treated the same under the law.

It's crying shame this kid is still in prison while a rich murdering bloodthirsty white bastard like this gets to roam free to butcher innocent people to make himself look good.


Beth said...


Our attorney general is using the excuse that if he releases Genarlow now that the law has been changed, he'll have to release thousands of other prisoners who can make the same claim, that it could be a legal mess.


Whatever happened to doing what's RIGHT?

pissed off patricia said...

If what beth says is the only reason the atty gen has, it's way lame and holds no water at all. Of course this kid should be released. There seems to be a generation that is still totally racial. Hopefully the next one will be wiser and kinder.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Beth-Doing the right thing means nothing to the pricks in power.

Pissed-I hope so too but I have my doubts.

greensunflower said...

Ah... you are making me nostalgic for all the great black dick I have had in my lifetime. Not to mention those dicks were attached to some of the greatest people I have ever met.

But dont worry, hybrid vigor lives on in this household, my husband is a lovely shade of dark brown.

I have NEVER had a white boyfriend. Maybe that is racist. I just love dark skin, the darker the better.

greensunflower said...

And no man should be put in prison for going down on a woman within reason and consent of course. He should be held up as a shining example of men who know how to please their woman.

Liberality said...

I second greensunflower's observation.

Great post Monkey Muck.

Racism is still an issue and will continue to be one until everyone fucks other people of color and all the babies are a nice shade of brown (like me). When everyone is the same color then maybe this racism shit will end. Of course, classism and sexism are still problems that need dealing with too.