Sunday, July 15, 2007

At least he's equal opportunity

Hey kids, guess what the bombing butcher of Baghdad is up to now? Have no idea you say? Well, sit down and Dr. Monkey will tell ya.
Our Idiot in Chief has now decided that 4.1 million US children should not have health insurance so he's going to veto a bill, a bi-motherfucking-partisan bill that would have covered them. Don't believe me? Feh, go read about it here.
Back so soon? Good. I can only imagine that some HMO lobby or big pharma lobby has told the Child Hater in Chief that they'd lose tons and tons of money if those damn kids got some kind of health insurance. Imagine that! The nerve of those kids wanting health coverage that he and his fucking cronies get! Why those little bastards might use that insurance to pay for doctor's visits that would be preventative in nature or to pay to get their tonsils out or to get an ear infection or their little cancers cured. Can't have that though. That might make the HMO's and big pharma lose money. It's more cost effective if the little rat bastards die quick so they don't suck on that government entitlement teat the rest of their lives.
So basically what this means is that our Murderer and Delusional Ass Hat in Chief hates not only brown skinned kids who don't love the Baby Jesus, kids like this:
kids who fucking suffer as a result of our bombs and our occupation of their country,
kids who will, in all probability, grow up to be terrorists who hate us with a passion, he now hates American kids too!

"Hey lil chemo kid, up yours, my pals in big business need money more than you need life. Suck it up and have a taco you lil bald bastard."

"You look Mexican, so no drugs for you Chico. Go back to Mexicanland and get them Commies to pay for your treatment. Now shove off, I got a 8:15 AM tee time with the CEO's of all the big pharma companies."

Oh wait, hang on a minute. There are a few kids he won't bomb or shoot and who can keep their health insurance. Let's meet some now, shall we?

Damien Cheney


Jenna and The Other One. That's it. Those are the only truly safe ones.
Well, them and all children of his Reich wing pals. But that's it.
Holy shit, my hatred for him is burning white hot right now. I wish he and Cheney would drop dead this second. Right. This. Fucking. Second.


Fran said...

Just remember though, when you focus your beam of dead-dropping energy (while I am working on my own!) make sure they both drop dead simultaneously.

If Bush goes and Cheney doesn't... well we don't even want to consider that now, do we?

No sir-ee-bob, no!

Jenn Siva said...

I work at a pediatric intensive care unit, at a pediatric trauma and research center. Everyday that I see the system fail someone again because of lack of funds for social programs and basic health/safety education, I get more angry.

But man this war in Iraq is really paying off, isnt it?

Katie Schwartz said...

he's a mother fuckin cock suckin sob, ain't he? makes me sick to my stomach. oh, have I been through the insurance ringer. honey, have I got yarns for you. so damn sad. so damn shameful. these poor innocent babies and yet, the christian conservatives who loves this piece of shit prezzy and getting knocked up in droves vote for his ass.

mother fucker.