Sunday, January 16, 2022


Imagine being such a shitty thin skinned asshole that in order to cover up your shitty bullying past that you scrolled through the posts on this blog and emailed commenters to tell them what I wrote about my shitty cousin John and his shitty family was a pack of lies. A long time loyal friend of this blog and Facebook friend from Mexico admitted that my cousin sent her emails telling her that I was a liar and his family never bullied me. But then again John punched me repeatedly in the nose to make me sneeze uncontrollably because he found it funny the first time he did it. 

I look forward to shitting on his grave one day.

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Nan said...

Your cousin must be extremely thin-skinned and have way too much free time if he's obsessing to the point of emailing folks who comment. Poor bastard needs to get a life.