Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Twisted up in knots

It's always amusing to witness the right wing pundits in the wake of a heinous crime that's been committed by someone who says they are a conservative. And the current kerfuffle after the shooting spree in Norway has put them into an overdrive of denial.

Bill O'Reilly's marching orders were to 'prove' that the shooter wasn't a true Christian. And to prove his point he said that no true Christian would commit a mass murder like that. I guess BillO forgot all about the Spanish who slew all those Inca in Mexico, the white folks in the US cavalry who murdered all those Indians in the 19th century, and about all the Muslims that the Europeans killed during the crusades. Gosh, some of those people were bound to be good Christians. Weren't they Bill?

Pam Geller, high priestess of Muslim hate, says that the Norway shooter was just a madman who acted alone and that she bears no responsibility even though he mentions her in his manifesto. Actually Pammy, you bear a hell of a lot of responsibility in this attack. It's hateful screeds like yours that gave this guy the idea to do what he did. The logical end of your hate filled rants against Muslims is a horrible mass crime like this.

Michael Savage, a man so odious that the British won't let him into their country, says that the Norway shootings are a left wing conspiracy. Savage is so over the top insane that I'm not even going to pick this one apart, except to say that everything from sun spots to a dog shitting on Savage's front lawn is a left wing conspiracy.

Pat Buchanan says that the real threat isn't from home grown right wing terrorists like the Norway shooter. No, the real threat according to Buchanan, is Muslims who refuse to assimilate, which is right wing code for them not becoming Christians. It's not the haters who commit the violent acts, the real threat is from the people who the haters hate.

And finally, no one on FOX Noise will admit the shooter in Norway was a conservative Christian. They hem and haw around that little fact and then in a month of two he'll become a leftist because his parents are left wing.

Once again, they'll have 'proven' the old adage that all political violence is perpetrated by the left. That's right, the people who hate guns and who want to end the wars of terror are once again responsible for all the politically motivated violence everywhere in the world. And FOX and all the right wing pundits they employ once more triumph over sanity and the facts.


jadedj said...

When I was reading O'Reilly's spin, the very first thing that came to mind was the fact that Joseph Goebbels was a devote catholic (committing suicide aside, of course).

Kal said...

One of your finest rants. One day O'Reilly is going to see such a backlash. I hope this is the occassion because I am so tired of his clown act. It's not cute nor funny that he lies to our faces and laughs about it behind our backs. This fool and Beck saying the 'camp' the murdered kids were attending in Norway was like ones for Hitler youth. I wonder how those two asshats would feel if it was their children who were killed?
They are so extreme that they can't even silence the worse of their ilk - Pal Geller is particularily odious. They could have disavowed her message (who the killer talks about in his 'manifesto') but instead try to distract with minutia. Where is the REAL media on this?

PlacitasRoy said...

Widely UNREPORTED: Breivik obtained 10 high-capacity magazines for his Ruger Mini-14 from the United States via mail order.

Breivik legally obtained the Ruger Mini-14 assault rifle believed to be the primary weapon used in the Utoya youth camp mass shooting. Breivik applied for the gun under the pretense of deer hunting.

Breivik reportedly said of the semi-automatic gun, "this is the most military-like gun that is allowed in Norway."
details at: and assorted links

ckerst said...

A Ruger mini 14 is not in any way an assault rifle. It is a .22 cal rifle used mainly for shooting squirrels and crows. It is the least powerful rifle a person can get.
The weapon did not commit the crime the human using it did.

Mike R said...

A Ruger mini 14 may or may not be an assault rifle in the strictest definition. It does in fact, use 5.56 caliber ammunition. This is the same round used by the American military in the M16 or the civilian models of the AR15. It is much more powerful than the .22 rim fire cartridge. It is the same caliber used in Vietnam and through the current military adventures. It is no way the least powerful rifle available.

ExpatZ said...


You don't have any idea of what you are talking about.

The Ruger Mini 14 is chambered for a number of calibers but .22 is NOT one of them. The smallest round for this neo military rifle is NATO standard 5.56mm (.223 US caliber), the same as the M16.
It can also be purchased in NATO standard 7.62mm (.308 US caliber), the same as the M60 uses.

Also, using that gun nut BS here on this topic goes over like a lead weight in Europe, here we know damn well that the access to these military style weapons makes it easy for this kind of tragedy to happen.

Or are you planning on arguing that he could have killed so many with a knife?

Megan said...

Thanks for the ballistics info, guys.