Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No nukes

So it turns out Iran is working on a nuclear bomb after all. And the pundits and the press are claiming it's President Obama's fault even though he's been in office for less than a year, which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that nobody brings the crazy like the pundits and the press in this country.

For the eight years the preceded President Obama's ascension to the highest office in our land this country's policy was to not talk to countries we didn't like. And those countries were North Korea, Iran, and our former Reagan/Bush era ally Iraq. How'd that Bush era diplomacy work out for us? Oh yeah, it didn't. As we now know, they lied to us about Iraq so they could start a war to finish the one they didn't get right the first time and to subdue and force the Iraqis to bend to the will of our corporate overlords, North Korea is still a threat and is testing more missiles than it produces food for it's citizens, and Iran is developing a nuclear bomb.

So now everybody is up in arms because Bush once again was too busy deregulating markets, ignoring the needs of disaster victims, and screwing the poor and middle class to do what should have been done on the world stage. The heads of the G20 are sternly warning Iran that they'll face more sanctions unless they start behaving and drop their bomb making. And Israel has jumped in to the fray as well, their blowhard Prime Minister, who never met a Palestinian he didn't want to imprison, says that Iran must be subjected to severe sanctions. Crazy, huh.

First of all I'm all for Iran not having a nuclear bomb. I'm all for India and Pakistan not having any either. Same for Israel, France, Germany, Russia, and the USA. I want no country on the face of this earth to have a nuclear bomb because history has shown us that if we make one, we'll use one. We're fucking up this place fast enough without some jack ass country getting it's nose out of joint and nuking someone else over some bronze age religion disagreement.

Secondly, I'm all for severe sanctions on Iran but only if Israel faces the same sanctions over their treatment of the Palestinian people. What they are doing to the people of Palestine is genocide and those in power in Washington DC know it and they condone it.

Thirdly, any country caught making nukes again after complete disarmament will be forced to pack up and move to North Dakota during the dead of winter. A few months of life in that desolate hell hole will teach them to play nice and not build nukes again.

I know none of these things will ever be done but maybe, just maybe we can come to an agreement on the world stage using diplomacy instead of bluster. Maybe we can just laugh at the ass-hats like John Bolton and John McCain when they call for bombing instead of talking. Maybe we can have a Secretary of State who will step up and do some good for all of us and not just Blackwater, Haliburton, Wal Mart, Microsoft, and Pepsi/Coke for a change. And I say all that knowing that even that may be too much to ask of our corporate beholden leaders.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Commence the parade of comments telling me I'm an anti-Semite!

Elizabeth said...

I know you're no anti-Semite.

* * *
I've heard a saying that goes like this: If you keep going to the barber shop, you'll eventually get a haircut. That's what you were saying above, when you mentioned that if people build (or keep) bombs, eventually they'll use them. What else are they for? They're too big to be used as paperweights, they won't work as dirigibles, and forget about using them as a tasty addition to Kaddafy's bran muffins.

Nobody needs them.

Nan said...

Gin and Tacos had a great post on this topic. Iran may posture, but it would be suicidal for them to ever drop a nuke on Israel -- they're not that far away, and the prevailing winds would blow the fallout right back at them.

Plus, of course, Israel would then have an excuse to use the several hundred warheads it's rumored to have stockpiled.

Mauigirl said...

Agree - would love to have no nukes at all. But I'm afraid the U.S. will never give up its dominant position in this regard - nor would Russia.

I am with you on the Israeli-Palestinian thing. I have supported Israel in the past but not now. There has to be some compromise to have peace and Israel has no intention of giving one inch. Something has to change.

John Shuck said...

So damn fine, I put you in lights as a meaning of life. Thanks, Dr!